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Joe Versus the Volcano

13 Going On 30
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The last five reviews added:
Title Year RatingDate Seen
Shotgun Wedding 2022 ** 1/2 2023-01-27
Smart People 2007 *** 2023-01-27
Edge of Darkness 2010 ** 2023-01-22
Angel Has Fallen 2019 ** 2023-01-21
Harry Brown 2009 ** 1/2 2023-01-21

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In 1976 my father took me to see Star Wars at the Showcase Cinema in Orange, CT.
I was hooked; from that day on I was a movie geek.

Here I (Chris Balay) have attempted to list every single movie (3162 so far) that I have ever seen.

This project began as a Visicalc spreadsheet on a Kaypro computer, moved to Lotus 1-2-3, then Filemaker Pro and eventurally the web.

Only movies that I have seen beginning to end in one sitting are included.

Please feel free to contact me here with any questions or comments.

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Starsky & Hutch


The Shaggy D.A.