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Harry Morgan
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Biography from Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia:

Originally billed as Henry Morgan, this agile, prolific character actor changed his name to "Harry" to avoid confusion with the radio comedian and quiz-show panelist. He has enjoyed a fifty-year career in films and television by being an everyman, equally effective playing characters who are wisecracking (the soda jerk in 1942's Orchestra Wives), brutal (the bodyguard thug in 1948's The Big Clock), obtuse (the next door neighbor in 1948's All My Sons) or authoritative (the Scopes Monkey Trial judge in 1960's Inherit the Wind). However, he is best known for his roles in an astonishing array of television series, both dramatic and comedic: "December Bride" (1954-59, as Pete Porter) and its spinoff "Pete and Gladys" (1960-62), "The Richard Boone Show" (1963-64), "Kentucky Jones" (1964-65), "Dragnet" (1967-70, as Officer Bill Gannon), "The D.A." (1971-72), "Hec Ramsey" (1972-74, also starring Boone), "M*A*S*H" (1975-83, as Col. Sherman T. Potter, for which he won an Emmy in 1980) and its spinoff "AfterMASH" (1984-85), and "Blacke's Magic" (1986). In retrospect, one of his most entertaining screen roles is in Dark City (1950), in which he and Jack Webb, his later "Dragnet" costar, are respectively cast as a former pug and punk who are forever antagonists. Morgan got to play Bill Gannon again in the 1987 remake of Dragnet as the head of the L.A.P.D.

Harry Morgan stared in:

Title Year Saw with/at: Own On? Rating
The Glenn Miller Story 1944 ** 1/2
Support Your Local Sherriff 1969 Digital *** 1/2
The Barefoot Executive 1971 With Recchia’s at The Whitney Theatre Digital ** 1/2
Support Your Local Gunfighter 1971 On TV while babysitting Digital *** 1/2
The Apple Dumpling Gang 1975 Cine 1-4 Digital ***
Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again 1979 **
Dragnet 1987 With Jessica ***