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Grease 2
My Rating:
(out of 5 stars)
half a star
Grease 2 Poster
Primary Location: First Saw: In Theatre Saw at/with: Don't Remeber
Rating: PG Year: 1982 Category: Comedy Musical
Director: Patricia Birch Time: 115:00:00 min. Writer: Ken Finkleman

Mine: I kind of liked a couple of the ideas in this movie. The mysterious guy on the motercylce. The secret identity stuff. Too bad that the music is terrible, the acting non existant and the writting terrible.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: Mindless sequel to the musical hit; opens with a great back-to-school number, then goes downhill. Pedestrian music, clumsy comedy, uncharismatic leads; only the supporting players (like newcomer Luft and veteran Arden) shine through. Inauspicious directing debut for choreographer Birch. Panavision.
User Reviews:
Craig's rating:
4 Stars
(out of 5 stars)
I really had a great time watching this musical! It had lots of energy, great cinematography and wild and wacky costumes. This is Musical Comedy People! If the film makers aren't taking it seriously, why should we? I know alot of people knock this film, but the ballad CHARADES is just beautiful and masterfully sung by Maxwell Caulfield. A far superior attempt to anything John Travolta tried in GREASE. Although some of the comedy is obvious, such as the dancing nuns in the bowling alley during SCORE TONITE and the Tbirds mangling words like "Mentalstration", and "Pasketti", most people probably missed the smaller comedy bits such as Paulette, the Marilyn Monroe wannabe, walking through a garage, only to step on an airhose and her white dress flows up in the air like in SEVEN YEAR ITCH. I thought it was a neat touch to have the Tbirds smoking and chewing Bubblegum at the same time. They want to look cool by smoking, yet still young enough to love that bubblegum! I thought it was inspired to have Michelle Pfeiffer straddle a ladder and slowly move up and down on it during her rockin' COOL RIDER solo. Another line I loved was when someone considers getting a nose job and Paulette says "I wouldn't fool around with Mother Nature if I were you" and the other girl says " You fooled around with everyone else Paulette!" Visually, the film is quite excellent in that almost every frame has something colorful or interesting in it like the PINK LADIES satin jackets, shiny leather pants on the Lone Biker or the talent shows wacky costumes. I like how they were able to line the schoolbuses all around the block for the opening BACK TO SCHOOL nimber so you can't see the outside 1982 world. Yes, I see some faults in the film, but GREASE 2 just bursts with energy, creativity and fun... and isn't that what Hollywood Musicals are all about?
Axel's rating:
1 star
(out of 5 stars)
Oh geez. Just terrible. The acting is rather wooden, the story stupid (and ultimately too cheesy for its own good), the music sucks, and the direction is heavy handed. Stupid film, and an overall terrible sequel.
Samantha's rating:
5 Stars
(out of 5 stars)
I loved the movie Grease 2, it's my favorite musical only because of the T-Birds, They were all so hott!!! My Favorite was Goose though he is so cute. Him and is girlfriend are my favorite couple. She is so cool and I picked to be her in our school play with my b/f who was Goose. Once again I loved the movie and Goose I even thought Louis was hott!!!!1
kidist's rating:
3.5 Stars
(out of 5 stars)
although it can't beat the original, i thought grease 2 was a good movie. who could forget johnny nogerelli, the hot T-bird? and Michael, the ultimate hero. i loved "cool rider", and i think that stefany zinoni was great with the other pink ladies. for me, this movies has lots of good friday night memories, and it might not be the best, but how many ppl can chew gum and smoke at the same time?
Laura's rating:
5 Stars
(out of 5 stars)
i think that grease 2 is so amazingly good! louis is sooooooooooooo fine i would do it 4 the country with him! he is by far 1 of the fittest blokes eva! the film was just 4 me a lot more realistic of how teenagers act then grease. the song reproduction is so funny i watch it almost every night with my mates we know the dance moves and everything! i think it really is just one of those films that you never get bored of!
renee's rating:
(out of 5 stars)
funny, cause I really loved Grease...but this movie takes the cake of crappy sequels. i dont think i have ever been so inclined to laugh through an entire movie for cheesy, cliche, and all around pathetic acting and portrayals of teenagers in my life. the songs in this movie dont tell much of a story, the story itself is weak and unoriginal...the whole dream sequence??? come ON! how much worse can you get? the only good actors in that whole film were the ones from the original cast and michelle pheiffer...she did really well considering the *bleep*ty role she had...i would recommend this movie to anyone who wants a heartfelt laugh...because I own it, and it does that at least for me everytime. yes Michael is hot...but if you dont care about substance,,,then Go Grease 2!
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Maxwell Caulfield as:
Michael Carrington
Michelle Pfeiffer Michelle Pfeiffer as:
Stephanie Zionone
Lorna Luft as:
Paulette Rebchuck
Adrian Zmed as:
Johnny Nogerelli
Eve Arden Eve Arden as:
Principal McGee
Sid Ceasar as:
Coach Calhoun
Tab Hunter as:
Mr. Stuart
Peter Frechette as:
Louis DiMucci