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3.5 Stars
Highlander Poster
Primary Location: First Saw: In Theatre Saw at/with: With Jessica at The Forest Theatre
Rating: R Year: 1986 Category: Drama Fantasy
Director: Russell Mulcahy Time: 116:00:00 min. Writer: Gregory Widen

Mine: INteresting and well done stuff, although you have to wonder about casting the Scott (Connery) as a spaniard. Really fun.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: mmortal being is tracked from 16th-century Scotland to modern-day America by his eternal archenemy. Interesting notion made silly and boring. Connery, at least, shows some style in smallish role as Lambert's survival tutor. Former rock video director Mulcahy's relentlessly showy camera moves may cause you to reach for the Dramamine. Ran 17m. longer outside U. S. (and reportedly made more sense). Director's Cut edition is 5m. longer. Followed by two sequels, a TV series and an animated TV series.
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Christopher Lambert as:
Russel Edwin Nash
Rosanne Hart as:
Brenda J. Wyatt
Clandy Braown as:
Victor Kruger
Sean Connery Sean Connery as:
Alan North as:
Frank Morgan
Beatie Edney as:
Jon Polito Jon Polito as:
Walter Bedsoe
Sheila Gish as:
Rachel Ellenstein
Clancy Brown as:
Victor Kruger