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Like Father, Like Son
My Rating:
(out of 5 stars)
1 star
Like Father, Like Son Poster
Primary Location: First Saw: In Theatre Saw at/with: With Jessica
Rating: PG-13 Year: 1987 Category: Comedy
Director: Rod Daniel Time: min. Writer: Lorne Cameron & David Hoselton

Mine: Just terrible. No one is any good. Kirk Cameron is particularlly bad. If you want to see the basically same story done well, see "Vice Versa".
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: Heart surgeon accidentally sprinkles an ancient Indian potion into his Bloody Mary and presto!--he and his teenage son have somehow switched identities. Moore's mugging talents get a major workout in this Hall of Fame embarrassment, first of four 1987/1988 comedies to utilize an adult-teen switcheroo theme. Later variations worked somewhat better.
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Dudley Moore Dudley Moore as:
Dr. Jack Hammond
Kirk Cameron as:
Chris Hammond
Margaret Colin as:
Ginnie Armbuster
Catherine Hicks as:
Dr. Amy Larkin
Sean Astin Sean Astin as:
Patrick O'Neal as:
Dr. Armbuster
Skeeter Vaughan as:
Medicine Man
David Wohl as:
Dr. Roger Hartwood