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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
My Rating:
(out of 5 stars)
1 star
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Poster
Primary Location: First Saw: In Theatre Saw at/with: With Jessica in Canada
Rating: PG Year: 1989 Category: Sci-Fi
Director: William Shatner Time: 107:00:00 min. Writer: William Shatner

Mine: Just terrible. Badley directed. Awful story. I guess after they let Nimoy direct and write a couple Shatner thought he could too, NOT. Total gibberish.
Leonard Maltin/Plot synopsis: The Enterprise crew takes off on an emergency mission when an apparent madman takes over a distant planet and holds its interstellar ambassadors hostage; his motives, however, turn out to be anything but terroristic. Dramatically shaky trek starts off with a case of the cutes, and gets worse before it (finally) gets better. A weak entry in the series. Shatner's feature-film directing debut; he also shares story credit. Panavision.
User Reviews:
The Corrector's rating:
2.5 Stars
(out of 5 stars)
Story by William Shatner & Harve Bennett & David Loughery, Screenplay by David Loughery. Not entirely Shatner's fault; Paramount constrained the budget and kept screwing over everyone.
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William Shatner William Shatner as:
James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy Leonard Nimoy as:
DeForest Kelley as:
Dr. McCoy
James Doohan James Doohan as:
Walter Koenig as:
Nichelle Nichols Nichelle Nichols as:
David Warner as:
St. John Talbot
George Takei George Takei as: