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Will Smith
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6' 2"

Will Smith was the second of four children of Caroline and Willard Smith Sr., owner of a refrigeration company. He grew up in middle class West Philadelphia and got the nickname 'Prince' because of the way he could charm his way out of trouble. Pursuing music, he met Jeff Townes at a party and they soon began performing together as DJ.Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. When the duo took off in popularity, Smith made, and spent a lot of money on a house, cars and jewelry. But Smith was looking for something new when, in 1989, he met Benny Medina, who had an idea for a sitcom based on his life in Beverly Hills. Smith loved the idea as did NBC which put on the 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'. The plot was simple - Will basically played himself; a street-smart West Phily kid transplanted to Beverly Hills. The series lasted 6 years. During that time, he ventured into movies where the critics took note of him in Six Degrees of Separation (1993). With the success that came with the action picture Bad Boys (1995), Will's movie career was set. His latest movie is the Blockbuster Independence Day (1996) where he plays the alien battling Marine Corps Captain Steven Hiller.

Will Smith stared in:

Title Year Saw with/at: Scene On Rating
Six Degrees of Separation 1993 Showcase North Haven 0000-00-00 ***
Bad Boys 1995 Suzy 2019-09-19 **
Independence Day 1996 Branford Hoyts 0000-00-00 ***
Men in Black 1997 Showcase North Haven 0000-00-00 ***
Enemy of the State 1998 Branford Hoyts 0000-00-00 *** 1/2
Wild Wild West 1999 Showcase North Haven 0000-00-00 1/2 *
Men in Black II 2002 at Branford Hoyts 2002-07-12 ***
Jersey Girl 2004 w/ Suzy on DVD 2004-09-10 **
I, Robot 2004 w/ Suzy on DVD 2005-01-01 ** 1/2
Shark Tale 2004 family on DVD 2005-04-29 *
Hitch 2005 Family on DVD 2005-07-02 ***
The Pursuit of Happyness 2006 Suzy on DVD 2007-09-02 ***
I Am Legend 2007 Suzy 2009-01-03 ** 1/2
I Am Legend 2007 Suzy 2009-01-03 ** 1/2
Hancock 2008 Family 2009-06-27 ** 1/2
Men In Black 3 2012 Hanna 2012-11-23 ** 1/2
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues 2013 Suzy 2014-03-23 * 1/2
Focus 2015 Suzy 2015-06-09 ** 1/2
Suicide Squad 2016 Suzy and Hanna 2016-11-19 **
Aladdin 2019 Suzy and Hanna 2019-08-09 * 1/2
Spies in Disguise 2019 Suzy and Hanna 2020-04-04 **