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Chevy Chase
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6' 4"
Mini biography

Born Cornelius Crane Chase, he changed his name to Chevy Chase, joined the Saturday Night Live crew, and embarked on a highly successful movie career. Chase scored in the eighties with hits such as Caddyshack (1980), the National Lampoon movies and the Fletch movies. All his films show his talent for deadpan comedy. Sadly, his career has generally worsened throughout the nineties, starring in flops such as the wholly mediocre Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992), and Cops and Robbersons (1994)

'Jaynie Luke' (1982 - present); 3 daughters
'Jacqueline Carlin' (1976 - 1980) (divorced)
'?' (196? -) (divorced)

Prefers to do family oriented movies and has turned down roles in several films including the lead in American Beauty (1999)

His now-famous "Good evening, I'm Chevy Chase and you're not" opening line on the "Weekend Update" segments of "Saturday Night Live" (1975) was a takeoff of New York news anchor Roger Grimsby's "Here now the news" opening line.

Sat in with the college band The Leather Canary a couple of times. The band also included Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, later of Steely Dan fame.

Winner of Harvard Lampoon Lifetime Achievement Award 1996

He appeared in the music video and sang in the choir on the song "Voices That Care."

(1995) Convicted of drunk driving.

His short-lived TV talk show was billed as a Cornelius Production, Cornelius being Chevy's real first name.

Was nearly killed (electrocuted) during the filming of "Modern Problems" (1981) when, during the sequence in which he is wearing "landing lights" as he dreams that he is an airplane, the current in the lights short-circuited through his arm, back, and neck muscles. The near-death experience caused him to experience a period of deep depression.

Chevy Chase stared in:

Title Year Saw with/at: Scene On Rating
Foul Play 1978 0000-00-00 *** 1/2
Caddyshack 1980 With Peter L. 0000-00-00 *** 1/2
Oh Heavenly Dog 1980 With Peter L. 0000-00-00 ** 1/2
Seems Like Old Times 1980 With Peter Loge 0000-00-00 *** 1/2
Modern Problems 1981 With Peter L. 0000-00-00 *
Vacation 1983 Don't Remember 0000-00-00 *** 1/2
Deal of the Century 1983 Peter Loge 0000-00-00 1/2 *
Fletch 1985 Don't Remember 0000-00-00 ***
European Vacation 1985 on HBO 0000-00-00 **
Spies Like Us 1985 With Jessica 0000-00-00 **
Three Amigo's 1986 With Jessica 0000-00-00 ** 1/2
Funny Farm 1988 With Jessica 0000-00-00 **
The Couch Trip 1988 With Jessica 0000-00-00 ** 1/2
Christmas Vacation 1989 With Jessica 0000-00-00 ***
Fletch Lives 1989 With Jessica 0000-00-00 ** 1/2
L.A. Story 1991 Don't Remember 0000-00-00 ***
Memoirs of an Invisible Man 1992 0000-00-00 ***
Cops and Robertsons 1994 Showcase North Haven 0000-00-00 ** 1/2
Orange County 2002 Suzy and Hanna 2020-05-14 ***
Hot Tub Time Machine 2010 Suzy and Kendra 2010-06-20 **